Baghi (vaman) kriya

  • This is similar to kunjal kriya. The word vyaghra means 'tiger'. The tiger has the habit of gorging his stomach with his prey and vomiting out the semi digested food after 3 or 4 hours has elapsed. Traditionally kheer (milk rice pudding)......More

Agnisar kriya

  • Simple form - Sit in vajrasana, keeping the toes together and separate the knees as far as possible. Place the hands on the knees, keep the arms straight and lean forward slightly. Open the mouth and extend the tongue outside. Breathe rapidly in......More


  • It is a very powerful method of massaging and strengthening the abdominal organs. Stand with your hands on your feet twelve inches apart. After exhaling completely, draw in your stomach. Bring all the muscles in the middle of the stomach, so......More


  • Although there are numerous different techniques, the easiest and most common is the Tratak. Sit in a comfortable position in a dark room. Place a lighted candle in level with the eyes, at a distance of 1 to 2 feet from the face. Straighten the......More

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