Meaning of Shatkarma

  • In yoga, there are 6 cleansing processors like Kunjal, Neti, Dhouti, Basti, Kapal Bhati and Shankh Prakhyalan which are as important as the yogic exercises and play very important roles in the human system. With the help of Dhouti, we can wash......More


  • In Kunial Kriva, iust as an elephant draws in water though his trunk and then brings it out, similarly one should sit in kagasan, and drink water till he feels like vomiting. Then get up and bend forward at an angle of 90°, place the left......More

Neti Kriya -1

  • Sutra Neti Sit in kagasana. Push the sutra neti through one of the nostrils slowly and take it out through your throat. Then catch hold of the cord by inserting index and middle fingers into your mouth. Similarly, do this in other nostril also....More

Neti Kriya -2

  • Jal Neti Take lukewarm water mixed with little salt in a jalneti lota (tall container with a nozzle). Sitting in kagasana, insert the nozzle of the Iota in one nostril and bend your head in the direction of other nostril, so that the water will......More

Neti Kriya -3

  • Dugdha Neti Sit in kagasana and drink lukewarm milk through both nostrils.Following this kriya, bhastrika and janeti are also done....More


  • A series of techniques for cleansing the whole alimentary canal from the mouthto anus.A cloth of fine cotton, approximately two inches wide and several feet long, is used. Put one end of the cloth in the mouth and swallow it slowly and carefully,......More

Neti Kriya -4

  • Ghrut Neti This is quite similar to dugdha neti, but use slightly warm butter or ghee instead of milk. The benefits of dugdha and ghrut neti are same asin sutra and jalneti....More


  • The technique of washing and toning the large intestine. Stand in water up to the navel. A flowing river is an ideal place. Lean forward and place the hands on the knees. Perform uddiyan bandha and nauli in such a manner that water is drawn into......More

Kapal Bhati

  • A simple technique for purifying the frontal portion of the brain. In Sanskrit, Kapal means 'skull' and Bhati means 'to shine to clean.' For kapal bhati, exhale slowly through nostrils and simultaneously pull your stomach inwards,......More


  • In this kriya, one or two glasses of salty water mixed with lemon juice is taken sitting in the kagasana posture. Immediately after taking the water repeat the serpent-pose four times to the right and left. Then, urdvahastotanasan is done 4......More

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