Sukha Pranayama (kapal bhati)

Sit comfortably In any meditation pose with head, neck and spine erect. Keep palms on the knee and assume a gyana mudra. Let the eyes be closed. Then perform natural breathing and feel the breath on the tip of the nose. Slowly feel the flow of breath in and out of the lungs. Let the breathing be natural and automatic.

While doing pranayama, feel and observe the abdominal movement. Just inhale and exhale very slowly and in a rhythmic manner. Let the abdominal wall slightly move out while inhaling and let it go in on exhaling. Observe the rhythmic breathing with the abdomen moving out and going in. Try to get the feeling that you draw the cosmic energy with every inhalation, and that you are throwing out tension, diseases and impurities. Do not allow any external thought to come in your mind. Just breathe in and breathe out.

This pranayama gives deep relaxation to the mind and body. It improves concentration and strengthens the nervous and respiratory system. It is useful in depression, anxiety, hypertension, lack of concentration and cardiac problems

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