Baghi (vaman) kriya

This is similar to kunjal kriya. The word vyaghra means 'tiger'. The tiger has the habit of gorging his stomach with his prey and vomiting out the semi digested food after 3 or 4 hours has elapsed. Traditionally kheer (milk rice pudding) is taken afterwards but this is not really essential. This kriya is done within 3 to 4 hours after taking food.
Sit in kagasan and take as much water as you can. Then stand up bend forward, insert your fingers in the throat as you do for Kunjal exercise and vomit out entire quantity of water you have just taken and also the food. Again drink water shake up your stomach and vomit out both the water as well as the remaining food by following the same procedure. Repeat this exercise until you vomit out only clear water.

Just after this exercise, take half a pound of whole rice cooked in milk otherwise stomach will feel dried up, and may give harmful effects. Delay in taking the rice pudding after the exercise is also harmful. Nothing else should be taken along with the pudding, which should not exceed half a pound. A regular meal may be taken 3 hours after you have taken the pudding.

This exercise makes the body strong like a tiger and cures alldyspeptic condition.
Precautions This practice is not to be attempted by persons suffering from stomach ulcer, hernia, ulcer and high blood pressure.

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