Bhastrika Pranayama

In this technique the lungs are used like a blacksmith's bellows. Sit in any comfortable meditative asana. Hold the head and spine erect. Close the eyes and relax. Breathe rapidly 20 times through both nostrils. Then inhale deeply, retain the breath and perform jalandhara and mool bandh. After a comfortable period of time, release the bandhas and breathe out. This is one round. Increase the number of inhalations and exhalations up to 50 and rounds up to 5.

Bhastrika should be done slowly for the first few weeks. Increase the speed of respiration gradually as the lungs become stronger. Bhastrika is not for people with high blood pressure, vertigo or any heart ailments. Beginners should practice cautiously and with expert guidance.

This is the best method to purify the lungs of unwanted gases and germs. It is extremely good for asthma and tuberculosis. It removes inflammation of the throat as well as any accumulation of phlegm. It increases appetite, and brings peace and tranquility of mind.

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