With legs stretched sit down straight on the ground. Then fold left leg and place the heel of the left leg at the base of the outstretched right leg. While holding the toe of the right leg with both hands, exhale and touch the head with the right knee. After holding on in this position for some time, get up while inhaling and repeat the same with the other leg as well.
Another variation of this asana is to place the left foot on the right thigh so that left heel is near the navel instead of the base of the right leg. Then, hold the toes of the right foot with the left hand; and touch the head on the right knee. The asana should be done with the change of legs' position. In case of hernia, the heel of the bent leg should be placed on the side of the hernia, while the sole of the foot should remain on the thigh.
For enlarged testicles, the leg on the side on which the testicle is enlarged is kept extended while the other leg is bent and the tip of the heel is applied to the base and root of the enlarged testicle. The extended foot is then held with the hands for few seconds.
Regular practice of this asana cures the hernia and hydrosol.

It helps in asthma and diabetes. The asana improves blood circulation and is useful in hernia, enlargement of testicles and for reducing stomach.
Precaution The asana should be avoided in lumber spondalysis.


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