In Kunial Kriva, iust as an elephant draws in water though his trunk and then brings it out, similarly one should sit in kagasan, and drink water till he feels like vomiting. Then get up and bend forward at an angle of 90°, place the left hand on the stomach and with the index, the middle and the third fingers of the right hand tickle the uvula. As soon as the water starts coming up, remove the fingers. Continue this process until there is no more water inside the stomach. Take care to practice this only in empty stomach.

Kunjal Kriya helps in skin problem, pimples, diseases of the teeth, constipation, biliousness, indigestion, tonsillitis, cough, asthma, rickets, tonsillitis, night blindness etc.Precautions It is advisable for all the heart and high blood pressure patients not to do this asana except under an expert's guidance.

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