Meaning of Mudras

The science of touching fingers of our hand with each other in a particular fashion is called the science of yogic postures or mudra vigyan. Mudras are said to be even more powerful and important than asanas and pranayama as they help to arouse the dormant serpent power in man.
The Kundalini Shakti
Our body is made of 5 elements of nature- earth, water, air, fire and akash. All these elements are governed by bioelectricity of the human system. The imbalance in these elements causes diseases.
The five fingers of our hands represent the 5 elements of our body.
Thumb represents fire (sun)
Index finger represents air
Middle finger represents akash
Ring finger represents earth
Little finger represents water
In mudra vigyan, joining these fingers with each other activates the life current to flow and bring changes in the body system. Thus,the imbalance is corrected and disease is cured.

Mudras, a part of yoga, keep glands healthy and properly functional. They stimulate adequate secretion of endocrine glands that prevents diseases and premature death. They bring the senses under control and help in concentrating one's mind on a single point. Mudras help in stimulating, toning up and controlling the nervous system.


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