Meaning of Shatkarma

In yoga, there are 6 cleansing processors like Kunjal, Neti, Dhouti, Basti, Kapal Bhati and Shankh Prakhyalan which are as important as the yogic exercises and play very important roles in the human system. With the help of Dhouti, we can wash out all accumulated poisonous things from the stomach with the help of water. This accumulated poison is the nourished food of all the disease germs which are killed easily by our bodyguard germs, called white corpuscles. Yogic Basti and Shankh Prakhyalan clean the bowel harmlessly, perfectly and easily. Neti cleanses the nose and a portion of the forehead, and is the surest remedy for almost all kinds of headache. Kriyas clean the eyes, respiratory system, food pipe and tones up abdominal viscera and the lower intestine. It helps in eliminating the toxins and foreign matters from the system and washes the colon. Yogic kriyas build up resistance to diseases and make the mind sharp.

In Gherand Sanghita it is written - "Shatkarmana sodhanang ch, asanen bhauedrudh, mudraya stirata chaib, pranayamang laghabangch, pratyaharaen dhirati, dhyang pratykhyatmani samadhi samatabasta jeevatma parmatamanah. " (That means shatkarma cleanses the body, yog asanas impart strength, mudra keeps it steady,pranayama makes the body light, pratyahar controls the sense organs, meditation Gives spirituality, and lastly, samadhi unites the soul with God).

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