Mool Bandha

Sit in a meditative pose with the knees firmly on the ground. Place the palms on the knees. Close the eyes and relax the whole body. Inhale deeply, retain the breath and perform jalandhara bandha. Then contract the muscles in the region of the perineum and draw them upwards. Hold this pose for as long as you can comfortably retain the breath. Release the contraction of the perineum, slowly raise the head and then slowly exhale.
In this bandha, the region of mooladhar charka (between the urinary and excretory organs) is contracted and pulled upwards.

The contraction and the release of the anal region and the premium is mool bandha. It is always advisable to practice ashwini mudra by contracting and releasing the anal muscle again and again with proper breathing. As per the yoga pradipika, pressing the heel against the perineum and contracting the anus region,stimulates the mooldhara chakra and maintains the balance between prana and apana vayu, thereby improving the working efficiency of sympathetic nerves.

With the mool bandh, kundalini shakti is aroused. Old age does not come soon, rectum disease is cured, and appetite increases.

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