Neti Kriya -2

Jal Neti Take lukewarm water mixed with little salt in a jalneti lota (tall container with a nozzle). Sitting in kagasana, insert the nozzle of the Iota in one nostril and bend your head in the direction of other nostril, so that the water will trickle through the lower nostril. Then repeat the same in other nostril. During this process care should be taken to breathe through the mouth only. After this kriya, bend forward at an angle of 90 degree and breathe in and out sharply through the nose while moving your head right, left, up and down. This will help in eliminating the water, if any remained inside.

This kriya relieves headache, insomnia, drowsiness and soreness. It helps to control or prevent falling of hair and greying of hair. It cures diseases of the eyes and ears, and impaired hearing.

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