In this kriya, one or two glasses of salty water mixed with lemon juice is taken sitting in the kagasana posture. Immediately after taking the water repeat the serpent-pose four times to the right and left. Then, urdvahastotanasan is done 4 times. Immediately after this do the katichakrasan. This is to be followed by the udarkarsasan four times to the right and four times to the left.
Take a fresh glass of salty water, and repeat all the 4 exercises one by one. This sequence of drinking of water and doing exercise is done number of times. First stool mixed with water comes out and then the bowels will eject only liquid. When crystal clear water comes out, take two or three glasses of ordinary lukewarm water with no salt in it.
Now perform the kunjal exercise. Precautions should be taken that if you want to take bath within an hour of doing this set of exercises, use only warm water.

45 minutes after shankhaprakhyalana, a special preparation of rice, mungdal cooked with ghee (khichdi) must be taken. Milk or butter and curd and sour food must not be taken within 24 hours of these exercises.

The practice of shankhaprakhyalana purifies the body, cures chronic headache, constipation, diseases of eyes, nose, teeth, heart, abdomen and the rectum etc. The bowel and the rectum get cleaned; while the inflammation of digestive tract, etc. can be cured. Menstrual irregularities in women as well as diseases connected with the organs of reproduction are cured.

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