Sit on the ground with the heel of the left foot placed against the any and the right heel against the testicles along the Sivani Nadi (the region which extends in front of the anus over the scrotum and along the lower surface of the penis, is connected by sivani nadi.) The toes of the feet should be kept between the thighs and calves. The hands should be placed on the lap with the right hand placed over the left palms upward i.e. anjali mudra or hands placing on the knees i.e. gyan mudra, with back straight eyelids completely closed or half open or gaze fixed on the tip of the nose.

It helps in awakening of kundalini shakti. It has a calming effect on the entire nervous system and redirects the sexual energy upwards for spiritual purpose. It has a good effect on the nervous system of the body. It is regarded as an important asana for gaining the power of concentration and for acquiring mental equilibrium. It provides mental discipline. It is very helpful in meditation. It should be practiced in moderation by a married person. By practice of this asana, prana enters the susumna nadi due of which the serpent power of the body is activated. The asana removes toxins from the 72,876 nadis of the body. By sidhasana, one can practice meditation, prayer, worship and pranayama. One can also attain a state of contemplation and self-realization (samadhi).

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