A series of techniques for cleansing the whole alimentary canal from the mouthto anus.A cloth of fine cotton, approximately two inches wide and several feet long, is used. Put one end of the cloth in the mouth and swallow it slowly and carefully, mixing it with saliva. By sipping a little warm water the cloth is gradually drawn down, little by little, until only a small portion remains outside. Remove the cloth within 20 minutes of insertion.

Sitting in kagasana, hold the end of the dhouti in your index and middle fingers in such a way that the end rests on tips of the fingers with your mouth wide open, take one end of the dhouti to the back of your throat. By moving the tongue, pull the cloth further in. This operation is like the process of eating. Take care that the cloth does not touch the root of your mouth. Patients suffering from bile should soak their dhouti in warm milk instead of warm water. After swallowing the cloth, stand up and do nauli. To draw out the cloth, catch hold of its outer end and draw it out. In case the cloth does not come out, drink as much water as you can, then bending forward at the waist, draw out the cloth.

This is an essential treatment for asthma, bronchitis, chronic cough and other respiratory tract ailments. It removes acidity, stomach gas and indigestion. It helps in curing asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis (TB), colic pain, constipation, enlargement in the stomach, spleen problem, fever, cough, bile and leprosy.

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