Aries Zodiaz Sign for 2014


(March 21 to April 20)

Symbol: The Ram

Ruling Planet: Mars



The Sign of the Fearless Pioneer.

Personality: Aggressive, direct, honest, spontaneous, enterprising, impetuous and impatient, turbulent, even violent.

Positive Qualities: Confident and courageous, energetic, enterprising, optimistic, sharp and active, intellectual.

Negative Qualities: Impatient, egoistic, reckless, hot-headed, self-centered and sometimes possessive, impatient and harsh.

Your Nature and Personality

Yours is the 1st sign of the Zodiac. Like the Ram, you are aggressive, and very sure of yourself. You have a forceful manner, a firm handclasp.

Your ruling planet being Mars, you have got the Mars temper! You are usually ready to do battle, and at times, even turn violent. You are enthusiastic, a leader or a pioneer in the field. You lead your organization to achieve seemingly impossible goals. You have courage and are a great person to have around when a new venture is being launched. This usually makes an Arien the head of an institution, department or professional group.

You have a 'me first' attitude. Your needs come first. You push ahead with confidence, caring little for the feelings of others.

You are also a loyal person.

Being so independent-minded, you do not tolerate interference or competition.

You are governed more by the emotions of the moment and push your way through by the forcefulness and combativeness that are your fundamental characteristics.

But pride and egotism, combined with a certain lack of maturity, are your defects. You may not like to hurt people on purpose, but being so blunt and single-minded, you tend to ride roughshod over others.

You do not believe in half-measures and go all out to achieve what you want. You also have the staying power to do so, and keep going all by yourself. Powerful, assertive, dynamic and outgoing, you can hardly be surpassed as an administrative head.

But you are low on subtlety and finesse, and lack in self-control or self-command. Delicate strategies are not for you. You are sporty and outgoing. But although an extrovert, you are not much of a talker or conversationalist. You do not go in much for the social rounds.

Direct and violent in your personality, you are so in sex as well.

You are not devious but straight and open. In fact, you don't know how to lie.

This innocence mellows your aggressiveness.

You are honest and helpful by nature and so open to exploitation by others. You do not sometimes get the help and co-operation you deserve from others, even from the family. But you can take hard knocks - just as you can give them.

You are vulnerable but certainly not helpless. You react by yelling and causing such a disturbance that people give in to you for the sake of having some peace.

Because of your forceful optimism, you seldom have chronic, lingering diseases. Like the Ram, you have a tough constitution. However, those born in late March or April can be plagued by skin rashes, pain in kneecaps, and stomach disorders.

You intuitively make the right moves and your posture reflects your self-confidence. You push on in spite of obstacles and undaunted by failures.

Your Personal Relationships

As a father, you dominate your children and impose your will on them. You want them to follow on your tracks, take up your interests, rather than chalk out their own path, or develop interests of their own. You may spoil the relationship with your off springs if you do not recognize their individualities.

As a mother, you are ambitious for your children, fight hard for their rights, and do all you can to further their prospects in life.

You are a typical 'son's mother', and look upon your daughter with the same attitude. You will do well to develop some tact in your approach.

As a friend, you give total sincerity and devotion, and expect the same in return. Fine as a friend but formidable as a foe! That is the Arien all over.

Your Career


Those born under this Sign are a competitive lot. Most of the astrologers safely opine that Aries is well-suited to become a firefighter, surgeon, mechanic, dentist (watch that drill!), professional athlete and, most of all, entrepreneurs. They aren't always diplomatic, and display great courage, passion and energy in their field of activity. Therefore, Ariens make great soldiers - in the Army, Navy or Air Force or as police officers, security personnel or rescue workers - if he/she can accept the discipline. Ariens like being the leader and are not so comfortable in a subordinate role.

Aries can be combustible at times. True to a Fire sign, many Ariens take to metallurgy, firecrackers, armaments, gunsmith etc.

Aries (the Ram) loves freedom, craves for adventure and will accept any challenge. Lengthy staff meetings are a bore, making them impatient. Therefore, many Ariens are good entrepreneurs, businesspersons and entrepreneurs. Those with a scientific mind take to various branches of engineering or surgery as their career options.

Advertising and public relations might also appeal to these types, who are excellent promoters by nature.

As they have excess energy which can make them aggressive, Ariens love jobs with action, like sales jobs where you can get out and mix with people. Advertising and public relations might also appeal to these types, who are excellent promoters by nature.

Your Dual Nature - Cusp-born

A Cusp is the imaginary line between two consecutive signs in the Zodiac. When, at the moment of birth the sun is straddling both the signs, the person is said to be 'born in a cusp'. Many astrologers believe that he/she is influenced by both the signs.

If you were born between March 19-22, then you are at the cusp of Pisces/Aries.

Pisces/Aries are unique in the sense that they are the chameleons of the Zodiac, receptive to the needs of others, but also caring for their own ego. However, you do have friends. You are idealistic, but sometimes your dreams are vague and impractical. When reality bites, you can become very adaptive and broad-minded and rework your ideals.

You tend to be sensitive, romantic and sentimental, yet you may not know yourself Devoted to your goals, you are constantly initiating new projects.

If you were born between April 18-22, then you are at the cusp of Aries/Taurus.

Together, these two astrological signs denote an active and dynamic pioneer who has leadership and initiative. Thus born, you are able to initiate and successfully complete projects and activities. You are independent, determined, persistent (almost to the point of being stubborn) and enjoy physical stamina and strength.

Also highly strategic in nature, you prefer to be thoroughly prepared. These traits enable you to overcome all odds. You are guided by your sixth sense and are not in any hurry to achieve immediate results. 

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