Cancer Zodiaz Sign for 2014


(June 22 to July 22)

Symbol: The Crab

Ruling Planet: The Moon

Water-Cardinal- Negative


The Sign of the Teacher, the Prophet.

Personality: Sensitive and sympathetic, moody, tenacious, ambitious, caring, psychic.

Positive Qualities: Hard working (or persevering), persuasive, sensitive, sympathetic, clairvoyant, loyal and idealistic, imaginative.

Negative Qualities: Moody with marked inferiority complex, vacillating, unforgiving, pessimistic, easily hurt.

Your Nature and Personality

Yours is the 4th sign of the Zodiac. You have great tenacity of purpose, which enables you to achieve impossible tasks. You want to make a lot of money and this makes you perform well in big corporations and organizations. You also crave publicity and limelight.

But you have a tremendous sense of insecurity that makes you strongly attached to the family and household. (It is this insecurity that propels you to strive for success and wealth.) You love your home. You want to be loved and hang on like a crab to your loved one. (At the same time, you want your personal freedom! You are clinging but you do let others cling to you too much.)

You are so sensitive as to be touchy. You are driven by sentiment as well as sex. Your sex-urge is strong and compulsive. Unless you are fulfilled in both love and sex, you feel repressed and develop all sorts of inhibitions. You have good intuitive power.

Good money, good food, secure and satisfying home life - and public recognition as well- you Cancerians want a lot! You go towards it - and then you walk back from it - and then go towards it again - like the crab.

Your Personal Relationships

As a father, you are at your best when your children are very young. You give them a secure home and also stimulate their minds. But as they grow older, you tend to grow too severe.

As a mother, you are most dedicated and protective. You worry a lot about your children, and want to keep them close to you and secure in the home you are so attached to.

As a friend, you are stubbornly loyal. You cling to your friends and expect a lot from them. You feel insecure without constant closeness to them. Perhaps you are not a comfortable friend to have!

Your Career

Cancerians are natural money-makers and do well as bond traders, bank executives and stock portfolio managers. Compassionate and perceptive, members of this sign also work well in human resources, as they are discreet, trustworthy and tactful. Their executive ability is considerable.

The Crab's sensitive nature is readily apparent in business dealings, preferring a non-confrontational approach that protects them as well as those around them. Crabs also do well in nurturing professions. Social work, gardening and child care are all natural fits for this sign. Well-suited to the care-giver role, they also do well in the roles of teacher, healer, therapist, hypnotist or family counselor.

Cancerians are well suited as doctors, pharmacists, teachers, nutritionists, chefs, realtors - anywhere they can feel truly useful. Any activity which puts them in touch with people, seeking their co-operation, is good for them. As a result there is a wide choice of professions and fields of activity available to Cancerians.

Being a watery sign, the crab is comfortable and does well in the business of liquids - chemicals, drinks, drugs, petrol, lubricants etc. A typical Cancerian is very good at judging what a person wants and equally good at arranging it for him. Therefore, whatever is the industry, you'll find him excelling in trading and he will never miss a good opportunity to make money - something they are so attached to and respect so profoundly. No wonder, Cancerians are prominent in Export-Import business.

Your Dual Nature - Cusp born

A Cusp is the imaginary line between two consecutive Signs in the Zodiac. When, at the moment of birth the sun is straddling both the signs, the person is said to be ‘born in a cusp'. Many astrologers believe that he/she is influenced by both the signs.

If you were born between June 20-23, then you are at the cusp of Gemini/Cancer.

Gemini/Cancers often have many friends and acquaintances and when in their company, you are very expressive of your emotions. As you are born very intuitive, you find emotions centering on home (like family ties and care for relatives) very important.

You love to seek information or add to your knowledge. You have an outlook which is broad-minded and you use your gift of great imagination to make strong contributions to projects entrusted to you.

If you were born between July 21-24, then you are at the cusp of Cancer/Leo.

Those born on the Cancer/Leo cusp have the vitality and ambition to be successful in their ventures. Seeking prominence and being the centre of attention come naturally to you. Therefore, you tend to be flamboyant, popular, even inspiring. You are a good organizer, cheerful and self-assured but sometimes displaying a volatile nature. Quite often the energy in you makes you seek out challenges and conquer them.


You have good taste, and a love for food. You make excellent amateur chefs - as you are imaginative and sensitive at the same time. 

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