Virgo Zodiaz Sign for 2014



(August 24 to September 23)

Symbol: The Virgo

Ruling Planet: Mercury



The Sign of the Circle, the Secretary.

Personality: Neat and clean, critical, exact and methodical, expressive, discriminating, analytical, delicate, sincere, reasonable, psychic and expressive.

Positive Qualities: Methodical, psychic, gentle, attractive, expressive, analytical, good mental abilities, discriminating.

Negative Qualities: Too critical, narrow and rigid, prudish and fault-finding, unsympathetic, quarrelsome, miserly.

Your Nature and Personality

The 6th sign of the Zodiac, Virgo, is associated with the purity of a virgin. You are clean and orderly, neat and tidy. You appreciate truth, punctuality, prudence and discreetness.

You are gentle and attractive. You are associated also with Mercury which makes you intelligent, clear-headed, witty and expressive.

Your association with the Earth makes you dependable and sincere, reliable and practical.

You can plan things with computer-like precision and execute your plans meticulously. This sometimes makes you so critical of sloppiness that you can be offending those you criticize. You have an analytical mind and you may analyze and scrutinize people so much that they find it difficult to put up with you.

Sometimes your meticulousness can border on an anxiety complex.

You not only work but strain yourself to work.

You like to garden - and anything to do with the earth.

You know the practical use of keeping fit and take good care of your health. So much so that sometimes you behave like a hypochondriac. You are fussy about your diet. You are uncomfortable in crowds.


You are hard-working, efficient and helpful. You enjoy work and can't seem to be able to be without it. You not only work but strain yourself to Work. You serve not just your family but also your community. Yours is the sign of service.

You are prudent and do not waste the money that comes from your industrious efforts.

You are a very steady person.

Your ideals of purity and cleanliness may make you somewhat reserved in the matter of sex. It can even make you difficult to please, and morbid or perverted.

You have many leisure pursuits, and as mentioned, gardening is one of them.

Your Personal Relationships

As a father, you interact easily with your children and encourage them in their extra-curricular activities. But perhaps you are not very encouraging. In fact, with your own capacity for hard work and concern for details you can seem a little cold and aloof to them.

As a mother, you are most responsible and careful about your children. You keep them very well groomed, and try to look after every detail in their upkeep. A Virgo mother is most serious-minded. But her children may miss out on light-hearted larks with their mother.

As a friend, you are most steady and reliable. You are always ready to help your friends with down-to-earth ideas that they find very useful. Not just personal friends, the neighborhood and community too benefits from your loyal services. But perhaps you are not much fun as a friend?

Your Career

Virgos are attentive, have a sense of proportion and flair for details; as such they do quite well in service-oriented jobs such as Banking, Advisory, Finance, Accounting, Interior Decoration, Illustration etc. Virgos can make lots of money when working for tips and bonuses. Members of this sign have a knack for anticipating their customers' needs. They Work well in restaurants, spas and hotels.

Virgos have highly retentive minds and therefore make excellent editors, researchers and teachers. The mentally sharp and smart Virgo is a talker and a helper and likes to facilitate solutions as a service to others. These natural Wordsmiths are also good writers and critics.

Those born under this sign simply love to analyze and are bound to come up with some answers. Members of this Earth sign are quite realistic and will set practical, achievable goals for themselves and the others on their team. Virgos are task-oriented and highly organized (you should notice the office / desk / car of a true Virgo). They are well-suited as chemists, doctors, nurses, investigators, nutritionists, managers and entrepreneurs.

Virgo makes a very loyal colleague and often the conscience of their group. Virgos find it easy, and a pleasure, to be the thinker, problem-solver, organizer and supporter of the team. Therefore, they make good lawyers, critics, psychotherapists, psychologists. Being born under the sign ruled by Mercury, they find language- teaching, teaching mathematics and engineering, literary criticism, journalism, editorial and reporting jobs to be very rewarding professions.

Your Dual Nature - Cusp born

A Cusp is the imaginary line between two consecutive signs in the Zodiac. When, at the moment of birth the sun is straddling both the signs, the person is said to be 'born in a cusp'. Many astrologers believe that he/she is influenced by both the signs.

If you were born between August 21-24 then you are at the cusp of Leo/Virgo.

Those born in Leo/Virgo cusp are gifted with many traits such as vitality, ambition, creativity, efficiency and enthusiasm. You make good business people as you are also industrious, practical and logical, and pay methodical attention to details.

You are known to be reliable, practical, diligent, and a good organizer but at times you can get choosey or over- critical of the people who lack the same qualities and can't match their pace with you.

If you were born between September 21-24 then you are at the cusp of Virgo/Libra.

You tend to be perfectionists and quite health-conscious too. You always seem to be in pursuit of beauty and sensuousness making yourself look more beautiful or making your house more aesthetically appealing. In relationships you can be playful, romantic, and at the same time, devoted. It is but obvious that you are drawn to attractive people, and inanimate objects of beauty such as art objects and precious stones.


It is said that you can, at times, lack depth in the emotional and intuitive spheres, which may lead some to regard you as being superficial- maybe because you are too concerned with the outward appearance of things. 

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