(February 19 to March 20)

Symbol: The Fish

Ruling Planet: The Jupiter

Water- Mutable-Negative


The Sign of the Dreamer-Poet, the Occultist.

Personality: Psychic and poetic, hypersensitive, impractical, kind, escapist, gentle, sarcastic.

Positive Qualities: Liberal and sensitive, progressive, persuasive, nature-loving and imaginative,


Negative Qualities: Uncertain, vague, easygoing, sometimes careless, difficult to understand,

occasionally lacking in balance.

Your Nature and Personality

Yours is the 12th and last sign of the Zodiac. You are kind, sympathetic and concerned about people. You have tender love for every living creature and overflowing understanding for all.

You would therefore make a good doctor, healer or even astrologer. You are imaginative, poetic and even psychic. You love beauty and are a dreamer. You have a love of nature. You are creative and artistic.

But then, Piscean, like Water, you are fluid, nebulous and inconsistent. Also, you may be too soft, too compassionate, and give in to unreasonable requests and un justify able demands. This may sometimes make you to go beyond moral codes and value systems. Alternatively, it may make you restless, moody, and unbalanced. People find it difficult to understand you.

You too are not a good judge of people. Taking kindness for affection, pity for love, you may let yourself in for disappointment and disillusionment. And then you may get depressed, wallow in self-pity and take to drugs and drinks.

In pecuniary matters, you sometimes fail to recognize the demarcation between what belongs to you and what belongs to another. You share yours and expect others to share theirs. Sometimes this is noble. But sometimes this deteriorates to the level of forgery or confidence tricks.

Pliant and diplomatic, you do not usually have to face showdowns.

Very few of you can stand being confined to one place for long. You have the ability to organize and concentrate. Your judgment is fair and detached.

Humor is one of your secret weapons. You can be cleverly caustic and bitingly sarcastic. You are a master of satire.

Your Personal Relationships

As a father, you encourage children in their creative and artistic tendencies and nurture in them a love of nature and things beautiful. You are gentle and find it difficult to enforce discipline at home. When children give you trouble, you get moody rather than angry.

As a mother, you tend to be too soft. You do not discipline your children but rather, spoil them. Being the water sign par excellence, you weep when they weep and flow along with what they want.

As a friend, you are gentle and compassionate, with an intuitive understanding of your friend. However, you tend to idealize people and expect too much from them. When they do not come up to your expectations, you lapse into your moods rather than getting things sorted out in a clear-cut manner.

Your Career

Intuitive, imaginative and day dreamers, Pisces are natural artists. They enjoy creative work, whether it is graphic design, fashion design, interior design, landscape art, photo journalism, dance or cosmetology.

Pisces are also quite compassionate and enjoy healing professions like nursing, social work and physiotherapy. Pisces also make great veterinarians, biologists, artists, doctors, musicians, psychologists, mediums and tarot practitioners.

The range of suitable careers for Pisceans is quite wide: actor, astrologer, academician, philosopher, media person, priest, journalist, travel writer, director of art school, entertainer and soon.

Pisceans tend to avoid anything which is routine or monotonous. Ultimately, these workers do best when they can set their own schedules and work in private. Therefore, a fish would prefer the life of an artist, writer Or musician.

Medical profession is also an ideal choice for the Piscean their because of caring nature. They enjoy sharing their empathetic tendencies along the way. Therefore many of them are good therapists in the forms of doctor, nurse, physical therapist, veterinarian and psychologist.

Your Dual Nature - Cusp born

A Cusp is the imaginary line between two consecutive signs in the Zodiac. When, at the moment of birth the sun is straddling both the signs, the person is said to be 'born in a cusp'. Many astrologers believe that he/she is influenced by both the signs.

If you were born between February 17-21 then you are at the cusp of Aquarius/Pisces.

Aquarius/Pisces have many qualities of a true saint so difficult to come by these days. You are selfless, spiritual, often very intuitive, peace-loving and friendly.

As I mentioned, you have strong spiritual tendencies

but sometimes your dreams are not able to withstand the test of practicality as they are vague. However, if need arises you have the capability to rework your dreams as you are blessed to be multi-talented.

If you were born between March 19-22, then you are at the cusp of Pisces/Aries.

Pisces/Aries are unique in the sense that they are the chameleons of the Zodiac, receptive to the needs of others, but also caring for their own ego. However, you do have friends. You are idealistic, but sometimes your dreams are vague and impractical. When reality bites, you can become very adaptive and broad-minded and rework your ideals.


You tend to be sensitive, romantic and sentimental, yet you may not know yourself. Devoted to your goals, you are constantly initiating new projects. 

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