Benefits of STIBNITE

Crystal Therapy




Metallic, needle-like fans and blades that tarnish, often wand-like              


Easily obtained    


Japan, Romania, United States, China      

ATTRIBUTES Uniting the base, sacral, soma and solar plexus chakras and forming a perfect holding space, Stibnite creates an energetic shield around the physical body and is a useful stone for journeying- as it protects during travel and then brings the soul home to the physicaI body.

Spiritually, when used as a wand with focused intention, this stone separates out the pure from the dross and is an efficient tool for releasing entity possession or negative energy. Used wisely, it can attract a II you desire, but ensure that this is what you really need for your highest good.

Psychologically, this stone shows you the gold in your centre, recognizing your gifts, and assists in finding the value in the most difficult experiences.

Shamanically, Stibnite carries the energy of Wolf, facilitating journeying with this perceptive power animal to explore the north of the medicine wheel.

Emotionally, Stibnite assists in eliminating tentacles from clingy relationships that penetrate the subtle' or physical bodies, especially after physical separation. It assists in tie-cutting rituals and past-life releases and is particularly useful in situations where you find it difficult to say no to a former partner - although having cut a tie may stimulate a situation that tests if the cutting is complete and you can indeed stand your ground. If so, hold the crystal and focus your awareness to ensure success.

HEALING Helpful for cellular memory', the oesophagus and stomach and for dissolving rigidity, cold sores and infection.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate.


NOTE The one-way portal. As Stibnite is toxic, wash hands thoroughly after use and make the gem essence by the indirect method. 

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