The Logic of a Computer

  • The Logic of a Computer The computer is not just a machine to make calculations automatically. It is a micro information processor and can be UIM (ultra intelligent machine) also. Ultra intelligent machines, like robots, are computers......More

Computer Problem Definition

  • Computer Problem Definition It takes about two months for an individual to get used to computer programming if he has studied mathematics up to high school. This piece of information is not to discourage the beginners but to make clear to......More

Computer Algorithms

  • Computer Algorithms It is a logical process of analysing a mathematical problem and data step-by-step so as to make it vulnerable for easy computing-or for conversion of data into information. Certain operations must be performed on data for......More

Computer Algorithmic Representation

  • Computer Algorithmic Representation Algorithm may be represented in many forms such as step-by-step. method, decision table, truth table, flow charting and by programming language. Now, let us see how algorithm can be developed by a simple......More

Computer Step-by-Step Development of Algorithm

  • Computer Step-by-Step Development of Algorithm 1. Read the Nth employee's file record. 2. Let N = 1 3. If the number of days the employee has worked in a month is greater than 25, then go to Step 5, or else go to Step 4. 4.......More

Computer Flow Charts

  • Computer Flow Charts The computer is a brainless superservant of humanity, but wisdom is imparted to it by human beings by giving proper instructions to get a proper service from it. The set of instructions given to it is called program.......More

Computer Flow Chart Symbols

  • Computer Flow Chart Symbols For easy visual recognition, a standard convention is used in drawing flow charts. The symbols as given below are as per conventions followed by International Standards Organization (ISO). (a) Terminater:......More

Computer Rules for Making a Flow Chart

  • Computer Rules for Making a Flow Chart The following rules may be remembered while making a flow chart: 1. The symbols as given in should be used; 2. The arrows in the flow chart represent the direction of flow of control in the......More

Computer Structured Programming

  • Computer Structured Programming The flow chart for any program procedure can be built from a combination of just the following three basic kinds of flow charts: Simple sequence: This consists of a set of independent instructions which......More

Computer Development of a Program by Flow Charts

  • Computer Development of a Program by Flow Charts We shall examine how to develop a program flow chart for solving a problem with the help of an example. Algorithm: A little study of the problem will reveal following steps: 1. Read......More

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