Management of the Computer

  • Management of the Computer The computer is not a single machine or apparatus and a computing system is not something that just does calculations. The word computer means a group of various machines which are utilized for processing a set of......More

Computer Hardware

  • Computer Hardware It is a general term used to represent the physical and tangible components of the computer itself, i.e. those components which can be touched and seen. It includes: 1. Input devices 2. Output devices 3. Central......More

Computer Software

  • Computer Software It is a general term to describe all the forms of programs associated with the computer. Without software, a computer is like a car without petrol or a TV without a film. Software’s can be of following two basic......More

Computer Overview of Application Software Packages

  • Computer Overview of Application Software Packages Let us now learn the most important software applications in small computer systems. The following big five accounting functions are the most frequently computerized operations:......More

Computer Word-processing

  • Computer Word-processing Simply defined, word-processing (WP) implies the use of a computer based system for. the entering, editing, storing and printing of textual material. These can be in the form of letters, memos, reports, manuals,......More

Computer Spreadsheets

  • Computer Spreadsheets Each professional uses a number of worksheets in daily transactions. A manual is used to record business transactions and to perform calculations. We make income-tax statements, interest calculations, time table, etc. A......More

Computer Databases

  • Computer Databases   We have already learnt about databases and data- base management system in Sections 3.16 to 3.19. ...More

Computer Firmware

  • Computer Firmware   This is the name given to inbuilt programs inside the computer, which give instruction to computer. Sometimes, trigonometric functions and other such details of common day-to-day uses are also stored permanently......More

Computer Modes of Operation

  • Computer Modes of Operation A modern computer system can be used in three modes of operations: 1. Batch-processing mode; 2. Time-sharing mode; and 3. Interactive, time sharing mode. Batch Mode: Early computers were all......More

Classification of Computer Languages

  • Classification of Computer Languages Machine Language: As discussed earlier, the fundamental method of representing information in a computer is the gathering of electric pulses. A computer recognizes both the 'presence' and......More

Computer High-Level Languages

  • Computer High-Level Languages In spite of the use of symbolic languages, programming was a slow and time-consuming process. Hence, several high-level languages (commonly referred to as programming languages) were developed to effectively......More

Introduction to Computer High-Level Languages

  • Introduction to Computer High-Level Languages A number of high-level languages have been synthesized, each for a broad application area but having its own characteristics and limitations. The high-level languages can be put into four general......More

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