Definition of a Computer System

  • Definition of a Computer System A system is a set of components that work together to accomplish one or more common goals. A computerized information system can be viewed as a system of six major components: 1. Computer hardware, meaning......More

Computer Life Cycle Concept

  • Computer Life Cycle Concept Step-by-step methods have been developed for managing the design and development of computer-related business information system. These structured methods are based upon the concept of the system as an entity that......More

Computer System Analysis

  • Computer System Analysis Once the hundreds or thousands of facts have been collected and sorted out, the next step is to analyse the problem and the system and produce a summary report. Often the analyst may set this out in the form of a......More

Review of Computer Life Cycle Analysis

  • Review of Computer Life Cycle Analysis Once the client has agreed to proceed, the analyst will define and design the new system - the processes to do the job. Now is the stage at which the analyst looks at different ways of meeting the needs......More

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