Computer Data Processing Knowledge and Power

  • Computer Data Processing Knowledge and Power Sun Tzu, the Chinese writer, wrote a book The Art of War in about fourth century B.C. His work, like that of Kautilya, was a guide-book for people engaged in military adventures. In this book, he......More

Computer Data Processing

  • Computer Data Processing This is a term meant for the process of collecting all items of data together to produce meaningful information. DP is a term mostly associated with business and commercial work. But it does involve scientific data......More

Computer Scientific Processing

  • Computer Scientific Processing   This is also very much similar to DP in structure. The main difference lies in the fact that here the input is not as voluminous as in data processing and emphasis is on the processing stage which......More

Computer Electronic Data Processing

  • Computer Electronic Data Processing Data processing means transformation of data for producing meaningful results for carrying out business/scientific activities. The result of data processing is called information. The transformation of......More

Elements of a Computer Data Processing File

  • Elements of a Computer Data Processing File A file consists of a number of records. Each record is made up of a number of fields and each field consists of a number of characters.  (a) Character: A character is the smallest element......More

Computer Data Updating the Master File

  • Computer Data Updating the Master File (A) Because of the design of the tape unit it is not possible to write records back to the same position on the tape from which they have just been read. The method of updating a tape file therefore is......More

Computer Sequential Access File

  • Computer Sequential Access File   A sequential file is characterized by the fact that individual data items are arranged serially in a sequence, one after another. They can only be processed in serial order from the beginning. In......More

Computer Direct Access File

  • Computer Direct Access File   The second and better method of arranging records of a file is called direct access or random access. In this arrangement one can have access to any record which is situated at the middle of the file......More

Computer Indexed Sequential Files

  • Computer Indexed Sequential Files   The records in this type of file are organized in sequence for the efficient processing of large batch jobs, but an index is also used to speed up access to the records. Indexes are used to permit......More

Computer Databases

  • Computer Databases A database is a single organised collection of instructed data, stored with a minimum of duplication of data items so as to provide a consistent and controlled pool of data. This data is common to all users of the system......More

Examples of Computer Database

  • Examples of Computer Database There are at present few organizations who have a really comprehensive database. An example is given here of a database used by a major computer manufacturer. The database comprises: (a) Records of......More

Uses of Computer Database

  • Uses of Computer Database The uses of database are too numerous to list completely, but a selection does give some idea of the facilities which a database can provide: 1. Accounting: Customers are billed for maintenance and rental......More

Database Management Systems (DBMS) In Computer

  • Database Management Systems (DBMS) in Computer It is a complex system which constructs, expands and maintains the database. It also provides the interface between the user and the data in the base. The DBMS allocates storage of data. It......More

Knowledge based Information Processing Systems (KIPS) In Computer

  • Knowledge based Information Processing Systems (KIPS) In Computer This is a term recently coined by the Japanese while evolving the fifth generation of computers. The fifth generation computers will have artificial intelligence (AI) and,......More

Computer: The Thinking Machine

  • Computer: The Thinking Machine The 'thinking machine' is going to be a computer which will be able to handle facts and ideas, make inferences and deductions, and answer questions and problems in the smallest fraction of a second.......More

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