Transducers and Servomechanism of Computer

  • Transducers and Servomechanism of Computer Transducers are the devices which basically convert a signal or energy from one form to another. Signaling is important for communicating with each other. Normally man communicates with another man......More

Electronics of Computer

  • Electronics of Computer Electronic Tubes (Thermionic valves): We know that if two electric wires are brought near (which are connected to voltage of 230 volt AC), there is no spark unless they are touched with each other. But if high......More

Integrated Circuits of Computer

  • Integrated Circuits of Computer Electronic circuitry has undergone tremendous changes since the invention of the triode by Lee De Forest in 1907. And the invention of transistors in 1948 by W.H. Brittain and I: Bardeen gave a decisive turn to......More

How Monolithic ICs are Made of Computer

  • How Monolithic ICs are Made of Computer Monolithic means a single-stone or single-solid structure. A P-type silicon bar is cut into thin slices called wafers. The size of wafer is 15 to 50 mm in diameter and 200 urn in thickness. These......More

Microprocessors of Computer

  • Microprocessors of Computer Briefly, it is the whole central processing unit of a computer etched into a single silicon chip. In electronics, microprocessor is defined as a large scale integration (LSI) component, programmable like a computer......More

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