What is a Computer Virus?

  • What is a Computer Virus? Make no mistake, viruses are real. They're not as widespread as the news media may lead you to believe, but they are very real nonetheless. Every computer user is susceptible to attacks by computer viruses, and......More

Who Writes Computer Viruses ... and Why?

  • Who Writes Computer Viruses ... and Why? The people who write viruses generally have their own reasons for what they do, and they aren't too open about identifying themselves, for obvious reasons. It is believed that most virus authors......More

Computer Data Problem Prevention

  • Computer Data Problem Prevention The best way to avoid data loss is of course to prevent it by using your computer wisely. There are many specific activities you can undertake, that will help protect your data and prevent it from being lost.......More

Bouncing Ball (PingPong) Computer Virus

  • Bouncing Ball (PingPong) Computer  Virus Resides in the boot sector. Occupies 2K of RAM when active. When activated a small ball starts bouncing on the screen which irritates the user. After some time the system......More

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