Computer in Business and Offices

  • Computer in Business and Offices Computers can keep a record of all the employees and prepare their pay bills in a matter of minutes every month. A computer can carry out automatic checks on the stock of a particular item. Hotels can use......More

Computer in Space Navigation

  • Computer in Space Navigation   In space flights, an extremely high speed of propagation is involved. The magnitude of operation on calculations involved is such that it cannot be just controlled by human skill and intelligence.......More

Computer in Banks and Magnetic Money

  • Computer in Banks and Magnetic Money Indian Bank, SBI, Union Bank and Bank of America have started issuing MICR encoded cheques at selected branches in Bombay for certain kinds of accounts. MICR encoded cheques can be read and sorted out at......More

Computer and Medical Sciences

  • Computer and Medical Sciences A microcomputer can pick up very small movements on its sensors and use them to make the arm and fingers of an artificial hand function normally. For badly paralyzed people the smallest movement - for example,......More

Computer in Schools

  • Computer in Schools The computers can be excellent teacher. They can show you the sketch of the things being described industry. They can possess the knowledge given to them by expert and teach you without losing temper and getting......More

Computer in Wired Cities

  • Computer in Wired Cities   The wired city will be the city of high IQ citizens. All the dwelling units, houses, public centres, banks, restaurants, reservation offices will be connected with one another with underground......More

Computer in Intelligent Machines

  • Computer in Intelligent Machines Computer is an essential part of all intelligent machines like a robot. The robot was first invented in 1917 by Karel Capek. The computers of the fifth generation will provide the robot brain, that is, the......More

Computer in Industry

  • Computer in Industry Perhaps computers are finding their greatest uses in factories and industries of all kinds. They have taken over the work-ranging from monotonous and risky dangerous jobs like welding to highly complex jobs like process......More

Computer and Transport

  • Computer and Transport Since transportations of all types are linked with the high speed and therefore safety of driving, computers have taken over the job of providing guidance to vehicles in braking, acceleration, routing and measurements.......More

Playing Games on Computers

  • Playing Games on Computers In the western world today, the computers are being exploited more for providing amusement facilities than in business applications. Some computer games are based on traditional games like chess and archade. Some......More

Computer in Instant Information Data Bank

  • Computer in Instant Information Data Bank Data banks are going to be the cities' nerve centres for supplying information instantly. With laser controlled means of telecommunications, it would be possible to call up any bit of information......More

Computer in Teleprocessing and Teletext

  • Computer in Teleprocessing and Teletext When you go to a branch office of a large organization as a travel agent, the questions you might ask would probably be sent via a terminal to a control computer at the main office of the......More

Computer and Fine Arts

  • Computer and Fine Arts   Artists can use computers to help them in creating pictures, designs and patterns, colour contrasts etc. They can help sculptors, musicians and poets too. Special effects in films and on television are......More

Hidden Computers

  • Hidden Computers Computers are not always apparent. Sometimes, they work without being exposed. Normally, such computers are provided in intelligent machines. A few examples are quoted here. A computer-assisted sewing machine has a chip......More

Computer and Election Results

  • Computer and Election Results You know that the first computer was developed by a statistician, Herman Hollerith, for processing the results of US Census of 1880. Interesting enough, in India, the same exercise was done after 100 years.......More

Computer Research in India

  • Computer Research in India The most significant research work in computer aided systems is being done at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, the Centre for Development of Advance Computing, Pune (C-DAC), and centre for development of......More

Impact of Computer on Society

  • Impact of Computer on Society This can be summarized as below: "The bureaucracy is capable of taming any at- tempt at reform. But there is a chance that the computer culture might transform the bureaucracy". This is sufficient......More

Computer in Fiction

  • Computer in Fiction Every new invention gets surrounded with myths and mysteries. It is a human habit to put glamour around the things which are not easily available or accessible. It is a part of human nature to impart some kind of mystical......More

Computer Crimes

  • Computer Crimes Computer data banks and large computers are a source of storing knowledge and records which may be vulnerable to the frauds of dishonest people. The simplest computer piracy is that of using a computer without the knowledge......More

Computer and the Police

  • Computer and the Police Computers provide the police force a very versa- tile tool in recording and retrieving data about suspected criminals and supplying these details to the control room as and when desired. The police keep the......More

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