Civilization and Sophistication Computer

  • Civilization and Sophistication Computer   Computer is the result of man's zeal for achieving utmost sophistication in all fields of his activities. Man is a social, curious and crazy animal, although the most complex creation of......More

What is a Computer?

  • What is a Computer? An automatic computer is a machine that accepts data at its input, processes it by doing some kind of manipulations, and produces the output. More technically, a computer is a high-speed electronic digital data processing......More

Computer versus the Human Brain

  • Computer versus the Human Brain The computer was developed around 1950, with the first commercial model being introduced in 1951. It came as a tool that had the effect of multiplying the power of man's mind. The computer proved as......More

Impact and versatility of Computers

  • Impact and versatility of Computers You must have heard the story of a careless but happy musician who did nothing except being very busy with his instruments; 'playing with them day and night without caring much for the disturbance they......More

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