Discussion on Sex Education


Discussion on Sex Education

Sex Education

It is interesting that while India has made huge strides in science, medicine, business and weapons, the word "sex" still remains a taboo, with the topic discussed in hushed tones. The amusing thing is that with satellite channels beaming everything with undertones of sex, we either feign ignorance or turn red in the face when such topics crop up. Frankly, in all newspapers and magazines, the young and the old, the shy and the bold are coming out of the closet with problems related to sex through such bizarre questions that it makes one wonder whether we are a nation of sex ignorants. Such questions are an indication of the total lack of know ledge on sex. Is it any wonder then that many "sex specialists" are mushrooming in every locality? These so-called "sex specialists" are quacks who take undue advantage of the sexual ignorance of the masses. There is no doubt that a majority of Indians are steeped in sexual myths.

It is high time we introduce sex education in schools and. colleges to remove such myths that harm not only individuals, but also society as a whole. There is no doubt that children learn I anything and everything about sex from pornographic films, literature and television, which ultimately affects their minds and leads to unhealthy sexual activities. All this is due to the fact that children are deprived of proper knowledge.

Sex education is the panacea for all these problems. It should start from the time boys and girls reach the age of 13 or when hormonal changes occur in boys and girls. It should be taught in a dignified manner in conjunction with moral education, so that the mind is not led astray. No doubt, there will be resistance from conservative families, but then parents' should be taken into confidence and their resistance overcome through proper guidance. This will create a healthy mind with a strong, stable personality.

However, one fails to understand why a hue and cry is raised over the introduction of sex as a subject in schools. Sex is a normal part of life and possibly the second-strongest urge one needs to fulfil, hunger being the first. Moreover, it is not that sex education does not exist in our country, for every girl who starts her menstrual cycle gets her first lesson in subtle sex education from her mother. Although parents are best placed to impart sex education to children, it can be an extremely delicate topic for them. Therefore, it has to be brought to the portals of schools and co lieges to allow for more technical and expert handling of the subject.

Sex has become somehow associated with morality. However, regarding sex, there is extreme hypocrisy in society. Everyone enjoys the act, yet very few talk about it in a healthy way. Teaching about sex in a clinical manner can inculcate a positive attitude. A survey conducted by SCERT (State Council of Education and Research Training) has revealed that there is an immense public support for the introduction of sex education in schools. Madhya Pradesh is a pioneer of sex education in schools having introduced it in 1996. Sex education should cover topics such as proper knowledge of sex, its true purpose, methods of contraception, the dangers of unsafe sexual practices, HIV / AIDS and other relevant issues. It should also remove age-old misconceptions and myths that do more harm than good.


Isn't it amusing that the country of the temples of Khajuraho and where the Kama Sutra was written by Vatsayayana people should squirm at the very mention of the three-letter word? Proper sex education should change all that and ensure a safe and healthy attitude towards sex. 

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