Discussion on Womens Power


Discussion on Womens Power

Women's Power

Indian society is male dominant and feudalistic, where women are not only looked down upon, but also widely discriminated against. Women are denied basic social and domestic rights due to gender bias. Many women are illiterate, underprivileged, exploited sexually and otherwise and treated in an unfair manner due to an orthodox mindset. There were 927 females to every 1,000 males in India as per the 1992 census. The ratio was 972 to 1,000 in 1901.

This suggests that gender bias and female infanticide has only been growing in society. While the preference for a son over a daughter is well known, killing of the female child soon after birth or killing the female foetus in the womb is an extremely horrifying practice that still continues. The middle class and the upper middle class are the worst offenders. Female infanticide or foeticide is quite common, especially in the villages of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. In India there is a rape every 54 minutes, a molestation every 26 minutes, an act of cruelty every 33 minutes and a dowry death every hour and 40 minutes. Victims of rape and assault face innumerable health risks including severe physical injuries, mental illness leading to insanity and unwanted pregnancy often culminating in death. Every year 75,000 women die due to unsafe abortions. And two million girls between the ages of 5 to 15 are introduced into the commercial sex market every year.


Empowerment of women in the real sense is the need of the hour. It is high time that women are allowed into the political mainstream. If the women are given their due status in personal, family and social spheres, it would be a positive step benefitting all sections of society. In order to empower women, they should have reservation of seats in educational institutions, employment and services. But more than these, they should be provided with free primary education. The empowerment of women and real social development are inter-related. No country can progress so long as the women of the nation remain illiterate. Need it be said that a mother is the first teacher of the child. Only an educated mother can successfully instruct and educate children in the early stages of development. She can instil a sense of discipline and confidence in her children by making them fight superstitions, gender discrimination and other social evils. So the sooner we stop discriminating against our women and empower them, the better. 

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