How to Promote Business online?


How to Promote Business online?

Concept of advertisings

In any competitive economic system, we can have three types of processes, In , you can use these 3 processes with latest technology, as follows:-

A. Demand is already there and we create a product to satisfy it.

B. Demand is to be created in case of certain products. Creation of demand would lead to selling of better products and services. Hence, standard of living of people would improve.

C. Demand for such products exists as should not be consumed by the consumers due to health, environmental, social, and legal reasons. The demand for such products and services must be reduced or brought to a zero level.

We can use four tools of promotion for Demand creation which can be done through -

·        Advertising

·        sales promotion

·        personal selling

·        publicity

Classification of Advertising

We can promote your business on Classification Based on Function of Advertising:

1. Informative advertising (we will informs your business to large numbers of people at costs).

2. Persuasive advertising (persuades people to buy goods or services or to take certain actions).

3. Anti-cognitive advertising (reduces cognitive dissonance in the mind of the buyer after he has purchased the product and is using it).

4. Reminder advertising (reminds the customer that he should buy the product already bought by him time and again).

5. Negative advertising (informs the customer that he should refrain from buying certain products or services that are harmful to him or to society).

Promote business on Classification Based on Region of Advertising

1. Global advertising (promoting throughout the world).

2. National advertising (promoting only in one nation).

3. Regional advertising (promoting only in one region or county).

4. Local advertising (promoting only in a limited area of a city or in a small city).

Classification Based on Targeted Markets

1. Consumer product advertising (promoting products and services in consumer markets).

2. Industrial product advertising (promoting products and services in industrial markets).

3. Trade advertising (promoting to hook the members of distribution channels).

4. Professional advertising (promoting products and services for selling to professionals).

5. Financial advertising (promoting financial tools for selling to targeted audience !investors).


Classification Based on the Sale of a Product, Service, or Concept

1.      Product advertising (promoting a product).

2.      Service advertising (promoting a service).

3.      Concept advertising (promoting a concept or thought). It further includes:

a.      Commercial concept advertising (promoting the concept for commercial gain); and.

b.      b. societal concept advertising (promoting the concept for society's welfare).

Classification Based on What the Advertiser Tries to Promote

1.      Institutional advertising (promoting for building or changing the brand image as a society-friendly entity).

2.      Advocacy advertising (promoting to change attitudes).

3.      Product advertising (promoting the product).

4.      Service advertising (promoting the service).


5.      Individual advertising (promoting people). 

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