Planning Stages of a Website


Planning Stages of a Website

Things to consider in the planning stages of a website

To begin with, one has to decide what technology is going to be used for the creation of the website, right at the planning stage itself. Here, there are some core issues that need to be taken care of. Therefore, do not start out on a website development without having a complete site map or a flow chart, presuming that you can iron out any or all issues as they come. Sure you can, but believe me, it will take a lot of unnecessary time and effort to sort out even the minor issues.

It is essential to be clear about the objective of creating the website and also to be clear about the segment of population that you will be targeting. For example, if you are marketing products on your website then you will have to target that specific segment of population that would be interested in your products. Therefore, it is imperative that you know your visitor profile, their wants, needs or concerns. You must then go about designing your website to suit your visitors and not to place it in an art museum.


The next important issue that could affect your website ranking is the server, which is going to be used to host your website. If the server does not respond fast enough to the spider requests, the spider might just give up trying to crawl your pages after a few attempts, which will lead to your website not being indexed or updated in the index. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are using a good server that has sufficient bandwidth available to" handle the spiders as well as all the traffic that visits your pages on a daily basis. There may also be certain days or periods when there is a sudden "surge" seen in the traffic to your pages. The server should be able to handle such emergency loads in traffic as well and not shut down causing you to lose important sales or clients or business. Taking care of this issue will also result in a deeper indexing of your website allowing more number of pages to get indexed in the budgeted spider time of your website. 

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