Using Links to Promote your Blog


Using Links to Promote your Blog

Using Links to Promote your Blog

We have already learnt about the importance of forward and back links in the ranking of your page in the search engine optimization chapter. A very good and effective way to promote your Blog is by commenting on other people's Blogs and leaving a link to your Blog in the comment. This way you can create back links to your Blog. There are also many Blogs which allow you to "exchange links" with them, that means that you can ask them to link to your Blog in exchange for linking to their Blog. There are many different ways of linking to a Blog or creating back links. Say, somebody likes an article on your Blog, and then he picks up that article and provides a back link to your Blog. This is the best way that you can get your Blog indexed on search engines. If many people like your content then you can expect them to link to your Blog even without asking to put their link on your Blog.


Another way is by creating a Blogroll. You can create a Blog roll on Blogger by using the "Blog List Gadget". All you need to do is add the name and URL of the Blog you are interested in showing. Blogger does the rest. The Blogroll is on the right side bar of the Blog page. You can add as many as you like. This provides outward or forward links to your Blog. If the Blogs listed in your Blogroll are more popular than your own your Blog will get more weightage.

You could also add a link list to your other Blogs or websites that you like or share the same topics as your Blog.

The quality of websites or WebPages that you are linking to in your Blog makes a huge difference towards your page ranking, whether it is forward linking or back links. So make sure that you always link to "good" and reliable websites or Blogs, as far as possible. Internet being the dynamic field as it is, it is very difficult to say what is "good" one day may become "Not so good" after a few months or years and so constant vigil and updating is required in your Blog. You can always delete links and replace them with fresh ones, by updating your old posts, if you feel that it is required .

You could also add links within the body of your article when you are referring to any particular website or page, etc . The best and most effective way to link is by inserting it into the "Anchor Text". The values of such links are higher placed in Google Search Engines and are very effective "forward links". This has already been explained in another chapter. See an example of Anchor Text linking. The name "Varinder Taprial" (circled in red) has been converted to a link.

A great way to promote your Blog is to include a link to it as a part of your signature in emails so that each time you send an email to someone they see a link to your Blog. Similarly when you take part in various forums and discussions try to include a link to your Blog as your signature, thus enhancing your chances of having people visit your Blog. The link of the Blog in your signature is a very effective way of advertising your Blog. Here again, a note of caution; don't overdo it as some forums may consider it to be a Spam and may suspend your account or participation. Everything should be done in moderation.

Link Exchange - Some websites encourage reciprocal link exchange even though search engines frown upon them. However, when done in moderation it may be a good way of establishing forward and back links to your Blog. You can exchange links with other Blog owners or even subscribe to websites devoted to this purpose. An example of such a website is BLOGbal, http://www.

BLOGbal is a human edited web directory that helps your website content gain more visibility. All links submitted are listed in categories, free of charge. Having your links featured on the homepage of BLOGbal costs money.

After registration with the website you need to go to the submission page and give the details about your Blog, i.e. the title of your website, the URL and a brief description. Then add your name, email address and specify a category where your website link will be listed. Wait for your link to be approved. After your link is approved you will be asked to put in a link to the BLOGbal website on your Blog.

If you love writing then you should not restrict your writing to just your Blog. Explore other writing sites, of which there are many, and submit your articles or Blogs there too. Some sites do not except work that has been submitted elsewhere, so be careful that you know where to submit what. There are several article submitting sites that are looking for fresh content, like Helium, Suite101, E-how, Hubpages Associated Content, Xomba, etc.

You can then link your Blog to these articles that you post to other sites. That is a good way to create back links. And the added bonus is that you make money through those sites as well, maybe much more than your Blog.

Once you have done all this and created your content, be sure to send the link via e-mail to all your friends and family. Spread the word around as much as you can. Ask your friends to forward the link to their friends and contacts too, if they can. Talk about your Blog to one and all.

Links are the most effective way to promote any content, website or Blog. So use it to the full potential.



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