Website Designer


Website Designer

Things to consider in a Website Designer

You must choose your website designer carefully. You need to make sure that your designer has enough knowledge and expertise that is required to design your website as per your directives. Check out if he can deliver a W3C compliant website. If you need help, you can find a quick reference to the rules at However, if you do not understand most of it, don't worry as most of those points are covered in this book.


You need to make sure that your web designer can do the following: understands and has experience with Search Engine Optimisation, can design a website without tables, flash and frames, and also whether his treatment of the landing page will be different from the other pages. This is an important aspect since your landing page is the one that acts as your doorway to the website. Do you remember reading something on a website, liking it and then proceeding to the home page to see more? Make sure that the person you are hiring is not a graphics designer masquerading as a web designer. Truth is, "coding alone does not a web designer maketh." An incompetent web designer can single-handedly ruin a very good idea or spell failure for a potentially successful business. 

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