Raviwar Vrata - (For acquiring glow, power and glory like Sun)


Raviwar Vrata - (For acquiring glow, power and glory like Sun)

Raviwar Vrata - (For acquiring glow, power and glory like Sun) The deity of this fast is Lord Sun. This is observed to appease him so that one acquires all pleasures of this world. By doing this fast one's reputation gets enhanced and intellect gets sharpened. One gets rid of mental agony and enjoys comforts of life. All wishes are fulfilled. Health remains good. Longevity increases. Leprosy and skin diseases are cured. One gets rid of sins and worldly troubles. Success, recognition and wealth comes easily.

Method This should be started from the last Sunday of bright half of the month of Ashwin. This should be done twelve, thirty or fifty two times in a year. Some people do it continuously for 5 years and every year they offer food to 12 Brahmins. In the morning after having your bath worship Lord Sun with red items like Roli (red colour vermillion), roses, red sandal, saffron, red cloth, garland of roses etc and offer Arghya (water) to Sun. Have food only once in a day. Don't eat salt at all. If you forget to have food before Sun set in that case have food next day after offering Arghya to the rising Sun. Five rosaries of the following Mantra should be recited on that day-

Mantra Om Hraang Hreeng Hraung Hrang Suryay Namah. Donate jaggery to beggar and offer food, red clothes and wheat to Brahmins. Read Raviwar Vrata Katha and offer Arghya to Sun. The Udyapan (ceremony of completion including Homa) of this Vrata is done on Saptami of the month of Magha. Homa (sacred fire ceremony) should be done with the wood of Mango tree

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