Srisatyanarayan Vrata (Mental peace, prosperity and devotion towards religion)


Srisatyanarayan Vrata (Mental peace, prosperity and devotion towards religion)

According to Shastrik texts is a universal truth. It means truth only conquers not lie. The objective of observing this fast is to increase devotion towards religion and to attain truth. One who accepts truth as a form of God definitely gets benefited from this fast. The story of Satyanarayan Vrata reveals the mystery that life in this world and in next world after death becomes peaceful by becoming truthful. Those people who do not follow the path of truth face lot of troubles.

Method This fast can be observed on Sankranti, Poornima, Amavasya or Ekadashi of any month. Lord Satyanarayan should be worshipped and most popular Satyanarayan Vrata Katha should be read on this day. List of articles which would be used in Puja should be collected from Pandits. On this day get up early in the morning in Bramh muhoorat, have bath and offer Arghya to Sun. Do not have food on this day. Worship Lord Vishnu, Gauri, Ganesha, Varun and Navgrahas and perform their Shodashopchar Puja. After chanting the Bhajan of Srisatyanarayan Bhagwan read Vrata Katha loudly so that others can also listen it with faith and devotion. After that serve oblation among devotees.

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