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Aloe barbadensis  / Indian Name: Ghee kanvar or Musabbar

Indian aloe is an erect plant, 30 to 150 cm in height It has smooth, pale green, fleshy leaves, convex below, tapering to a blunt point, with horny prickles at the margins. It has yellow or orange coloured cylindrical flowers. The bitter juice of the fleshy leaves is used in medicine.


The active principle of aloe is a mixture of glycosides called aloin. The proportion of aloin varies in different specimens of aloes. The chief constituent of aloin is barbaloin which is a pale- yellow crystalline glycoside, soluble in water. The other constituents include isobarbaloin, aloe-emodin (a hydrolytic product of barbaloin), resins and some water soluble substance. The characteristic odour is due to traces of an essential oil. 

Aloe barbadensis  / Indian Name: Ghee kanvar or Musabbar

The leaves of the plant possess many medicinal properties. They are useful in restoring the disordered processes of nutrition. They promote libido and arrest secretion or bleeding. They also promote and regulate the menstrual periods. 

Aloe barbadensis  / Indian Name: Ghee kanvar or Musabbar

Liver Disorders

The herb stimulates the liver and is useful in liver and spleen disorders. It can be used in jaundice and enlargement of liver, spleen and other glands. The pulp of one leaf should be administered with black salt and ginger every morning for 10 days in the treatment of such disorders.


The drug is valuable in colds and coughs. The juice of the roasted leaf should be taken with honey for treatment.


Indian aloe is useful in lumbago, sciatica and rheumatism. The pulp of one leaf is taken daily for relief.


The herb is useful in stomach disorders. The leaves strengthen the functioning of stomach and promote its action. A salad of its leaves is beneficial in cases of indigestion, constipation and flatulence.

Intestinal Worms

The leaves have the property to kill intestinal worms in children. The condensed leaf juice, after boiling the leaves in water, is a popular and effective home remedy.

Skin Disorders


The use of the herb in treating inflamed and painful parts of the body is common in Indian medicine. The fresh juice from its leaves should be applied externally. 

Aloe barbadensis  / Indian Name: Ghee kanvar or Musabbar

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