Belly Breathing

  • Belly Breathing When: Each night, for 15 nights, make the stomach as tense as possible for two or three minutes, bringing the tension to such a climax that you feel like bursting, and then relax it. "Watch a small child breathing: that's the......More

Breathing From the Sales of Your Feet

  • Breathing From the Sales of... "Below the sex center people have become afraid to move. In fact many people live in their heads, or if they are a little more courageous they live in the torso. At the most people go down to the navel, but not beyond that, so......More

Balancing the Brain

  • Balancing the Brain I feel different sensations in the left and right sides of my head. Duration: 40 minutes a day for 15 days. Step 1: "Sit silently by yourself and for four to five minutes press your own eyes. Press the eyeballs until you start......More

Breath and Thoughts

  • Breath and Thoughts "Breathing and thinking are deeply connected, as if they are two poles of one thing. You also sometimes become aware, if you are a little mindful, that whenever the mind changes, the breathing changes. "For example, you are......More

Breath and Work

  • Breath and Work If I pay attention to my breath I cannot attend to anything else; and once I am doing something else, I can't be aware of his breathing. Yes, agrees Osho, this will happen. So initially one has to set aside a certain time to......More

Bliss Cloud

  • Bliss Cloud Step 1: "Sitting silently, feel a cloud of bliss surrounding you. Relax into that cloud, lose yourself in it - the cloud that constantly changes and yet remains with you." Step 2: "As you start losing yourself you will feel......More

Breaking The Domination of Thoughts/Emotions

  • Breaking The Domination of... Step 1: Don't Identify with Your Feelings "If you want to overthrow the mind's domination, destroy all identifications with it. A thought arises inside you - don't be one with it! You becoming one with it gives it strength.......More


  • Beyondness Step 1: "Sit silently and just keep on observing. If misery comes, just recognize it. "Don't form any judgement as to whether it is good of bad, as to whether it should have come to you or should not have come to you - just be......More

Being Telegraphic

  • Being Telegraphic "There are feeling words and there are intellectual words. Drop intellectual words more and more; use more and more feeling words. There are political words and there are religious words. Drop political words. There are words......More

Be a Buddha

  • Be a Buddha "You have to learn to function ... in buddha- consciousness, in all kinds of situations - in the marketplace, in the monastery; with people in the crowd or alone in a cave; with friends or with enemies; with family, familiar......More


  • BENEFITS OF MEDITATION EVERYTHING 'done by everyone is always and necessarily for some benefit. Right now, you are reading this book for some benefit too! Then, what is the problem in knowing the benefits you will get out of meditation? Let us see......More


  • BEING MEDITATION IN DAILY... WHEN you know where you can reach by being in meditation regularly, you must also be willing to know how you can be the meditation for all the twenty-tour hours of the day as you are following your routine work and leading a......More

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