Crisis Intervention

  • Crisis Intervention I have been through a financial crisis and under much pressure, and have found it difficult to meditate during this time. "Whenever there is something like pressure from the outside - and there will be many times in life- then......More

Confusing the Mind

  • Confusing the Mind "If you feel sad, dance or have a shower, and see sadness disappearing as the body heat disappears. Feel that as the water showers on you, just as perspiration and dust is removed from the body, so too is sadness. "If you are......More

Criticism Technique

  • Criticism Technique When: Whenever you want to criticize something. Step 1: First decide what you are going to give as a positive alternative to it. Step 2: If you don't have an alternative, wait. Then criticism is not to be done......More


  • CLAIRVOYANCE AND MEDITATION CLAIRVOYANCE is seeing something that the normal people do not see. There is a very thin line of difference. between hallucination and clairvoyance. Hallucination is the creation of conscious or subconscious imagination. It......More


  • CENTRING Sit in a comfortable position or lie down. Observe the path of your breath. While inhaling, concentrate on the root and count 1. Totally concentrate on exhaling. While inhaling, concentrate on the hara and count 2. Totally......More


  • CRYSTAL MEDITATION (1) Sit in lotus posture with eyes closed.Place eight white crystals around you on eight sides.       Place Amethyst Pyramid on your......More


  • CRYSTAL MEDITATION (2) Mark the area where you will lie down. Place the crystal above crown area, two crystals at shoulder, two at wrist level, two at knee level and one below feet all above six inches away from the body. Lie down with eyes......More


  • CHAKRA MEDITATION Sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Feel your crown and root charkas. Allow the divine energies flow thro' them. Feel the energies in them getting balanced. Feel your third eye and sacral charkas. Allow the divine......More


  • COMING OUT OF THE DOING TRAP DOINGNESS is such a strong trap that one really has to work hard to come out of it. Methods, rites, rituals, desire to achieve anything, material or non-material all these things form an integral part of this trap . Just watch,......More

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