Enjoying the Mind

  • Enjoying the Mind Step 1: Let The Mind Do Its Thing "Don't try to stop [the mind]. It is very natural to you; you will go crazy if you try to stop it. "It will be like a tree trying to stop its leaves; the tree will go mad. "The leaves are very......More

Even Cowgirls Get Them!

  • Even Cowgirls Get Them! "Make it an absolute law that whenever something is wrong, immediately close your eyes and look for the real culprit. And you will be able to see because it is a truth. It is a reality. It is true that you accumulate anger;......More

Experiencing the Gap

  • Experiencing the Gap "Existence, the divine, is in the interval, in the pause between two words, two thoughts, two desires, two emotions, and two feelings - wherever there is a pause: between sleep and waking or between waking and sleep, in the......More


  • Eye-Gazing "Whenever you feel any distinctions between yourself and others, yourself an existence, know that you are on the surface. Look deep and don't be deceived by the surface." Step 1: Look Into the Other "Sit and look into each......More


  • ENERGY CIRCULATION Lie down on your back.Bend your legs and bring them closer to your hips.Close your eyes. Visualise a half black and half white ball in the centre of your head . Visualise your genitals. Visualise their colour changing to dark......More

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