Hara Meditation

  • Hara Meditation Whenever you have nothing to do, just sit silently and move inside to the place two inches below the navel, and remain there. "Becoming aware of this center is going to help you tremendously. So the more you abide there, the......More

Hara Nighttime Technique

  • Hara Nighttime Technique "Concentrate the energy on the hara, the point two inches below the navel. That is the center from where one enters life and that is the center from where one dies and goes out of life. So that is the contact center between......More

Hotting Things Up

  • Hotting Things Up When: Every day, whenever you feel good. Duration: 15 minutes. Need: Alarm clock. Step 1: Boiling Mad "Close your room, set your alarm for 15 minutes. Become angry; get heated up, as if to 100 degrees. Bring it to a climax but......More

How Running Works With Fear

  • How Running Works With Fear " There is fear, and below the fear is anger, and below the anger there is love - and below all these things something has to be found. So start working below all these layers. "The deepest layer in humanity is that of hunting.......More


  • HAPPENING OF MEDITATION WHEN you are totally relaxed and are in total surrender to anything that you are doing, you are in meditation. Meditation is happening to you at that time. Then all your  stress and struggle just vanish. Your total focus......More


  • HEALTH AND MEDITATION HEALTH is determined by the perfect equilibrium of all the systems and all the chemicals in our body. This is maintained with the help of many things like right diet, right habits, right thinking and stress-free mind and body.......More

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