• Speediness "Even when there is no need to, I often hurry when I am doing things, especially eating." "Something is eating you: some deep worry is inside that creates hurry; some deep tension which does not allow you to relax." Step 1:......More

Standing for Centering

  • Standing for Centering Duration: 60 minutes. Step 1: Stand in a corner of your room, not doing anything. "Suddenly the energy also stand still inside you. Sitting, you will feel many disturbances in the mind, because sitting is a posture......More


  • Stop! When: At least six times a day - more but not less. It has to be done suddenly. "Walking on the street, doing anything, suddenly remember yourself, and stop - stop completely, no movement, and just be present to whatever is......More

Slow Down!

  • Slow Down! "If you run very fast, the very speed gives you an intoxication. That's why there is so much addiction to speed. If you drive a car, the mind wants to go faster and faster. It makes you intoxicated. Speed releases certain......More

Self - Knowing

  • Self - Knowing Chief Characteristic Step 1: What Takes Your Energy "It is very simple to find what your chief characteristic is: Just watch your mind for a few days - you can keep a diary and note things down and see what takes most of your......More

Spreading Good Vibes

  • Spreading Good Vibes Step 1: "Sitting behind [someone], focus with your eyes closed on them; particularly, if you can, focus with closed eyes on the neck. The neck is the most receptive center. .. and those vibrations will start moving into the......More

Seeing Without the Mind

  • Seeing Without the Mind "How you look at the things depends on you, not on things. Unless you come to a point where you drop the interpreting mind and look directly, look immediately, mind is your meditator. It brings you things distorted, it brings......More


  • STRESS RELEASE AND MEDITATION... AS we have seen earlier, meditation helps stress release quite effectively. Let us now see how we can actually use meditation for stress release. When you are stressed waiting to be done, the work is still waiting to be done,......More


  • SUCCESS IN LIFE AND... EVERYONE in life seeks success. But, those who find it difficult to get it, they get depressed, upset and also restless. Such times they need something that will help them regain their peace of mind. Meditation is known to be a......More


  • SPIRITUALITY AND MEDITATION SPIRITUALITY is generally taken as the process and path of seeking the real nature of our being and of God. In fact, the science for a very advanced level seeks the knowledge about the origin of the universe.' But when we talk......More


  • SEX AND MEDITATION IT is commonly believed that when you are doing meditation you must keep away from sex. It is also believed that sex brings hindrance to your spiritual growth, so if you are on a spiritual path, you need to keep away from sex,......More


  • SATORI AND MEDITATION THERE might be many definitions of Satori enlightenment. Here I am describing what I experienced in my own spiritual journey. First all let me tell that when I started my rigorous meditations, I had nothing special to achieve.......More

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