Even Cowgirls Get Them!


Even Cowgirls Get Them!

"Make it an absolute law that whenever something is wrong, immediately close your eyes and look for the real culprit. And you will be able to see because it is a truth. It is a reality. It is true that you accumulate anger; that's why you become angry. It is true that you accumulate hate; that's why you feel hatred. The other is not a real cause."

When: Whenever you feel miserable.

Step 1:

"Close you eyes and go inside - because that is the right moment to catch the culprit red-handed. Otherwise you will not be able to catch it. When the anger has disappeared, you will close the eyes. You will not find anything there. In a red-hot situation, don't miss the point."

Step 2:

"Once realized that 'This is my own negativity which creates the problem: it falls by itself. And then there is a beauty, when the negative mind falls by itself. If you try to drop it, it will cling - because the very effort to drop it shows that your surrounding is not mature.

"All renunciation is immaturity; you are not ripe for it. That's why effort is needed to drop it. I am carrying rubbish; do I need any effort to drop it, except the understanding that this is rubbish? If I need any effort to drop it, that means I am supplementing my understanding with effort. Understanding itself is not enough - that's why effort is needed. All those who have known, they say effort is needed because your understanding is not there. It may be an intellectual thing, but really you have not felt the situation, otherwise you simply drop it. A snake passes along the path; you simply jump. There is no effort in the jump. You don't decide to jump; you don't make a logical syllogism within you that 'There is a snake, and wherever there is a snake there is a danger; hence, I must jump.' You don't make a logical step-by- step syllogism." 

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