WHEN we sit for meditation, we generally follow some or the other method-we do this step by step. Every time when we shift from one step to the other we give a suggestion to ourselves that we are relaxing or feeling better. Obviously, the mind takes the suggestions and we feel relaxed. Then we say that we have done successful meditation.

This is good as a relaxation method. But is it really meditation? No, it is not. It is just an illusion of it. The guided meditations or the timed meditations are good for learning the meditation technique. But really speaking they cannot be called meditations. They are just an illusion of meditation.

There are times when we sit to meditate, but the meditation as struggling to meditate we follow all the rituals, but all the time we realize that we were fighting with our mind that was wandering all the time when we were trying to meditate. Catching the mind and forcing it to concentrate on some thought is not meditation! It is an illusion of it.

In short, whenever we find that there is more stress on time, method, concentration, posture etc. we must know that what we are following is an illusion of meditation.

Most of the times, when one is DOING MEDITATION, we must know that, that person is following an illusion of meditation.

This illusion is good enough for relaxing a person, but when it comes to spiritual growth, self-realization and further stages in self-growth, we must remember that illusion of meditation does not take us anywhere. Even if we get some experience like seeing something or seeing some light, or so, we actually need to check if it is a vision or our imagination. At times, we knowingly or unknowingly visualize something or imagine something and then start feeling that it's a vision during our meditation. This is also an illusion of meditation. 

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