Including All


Including All

"Sitting in meditation, include everything - your body, your mind, your breath, your knowing. Don't say of anything, 'This is not me.'

"If you can do this just sitting, wonderful, absolutely new happenings will happen to you. You will feel there is no center; in you there is no center. And with the center gone there is no self, there is no ego; only consciousness remains - consciousness like a sky covering everything. And when it grows, not only your own breath will be included, not only your own form, with be included, ultimately the whole universe becomes inclusive to you.

" ... In the beginning, doing this meditation you will feel a collective being arising and then ultimately a cosmic consciousness arises. When all differences are lost, all boundaries disappear and existence remains as one piece, one unit; then everything is included. This effort to include everything starts from your own individual existence."

"Include and expand. Try it with your body first and then try it with the outside world too. Sitting under a tree, look at the sea and then close your eyes and feel that the tree is within you. Look at the sky, then close your eyes and feel that the sky is within you. Look at the rising sun, then close your eyes and feel that the sun is rising within you. Feel more inclusive.

"A tremendous experience will happen to you. When you feel that the tree is within you, immediately you will feel younger, fresher. And it is not imagination, because the tree and you both belong to the earth. You are both rooted in the earth and ultimately in the same existence. So when you feel that the tree is within you, the tree is within you - this is not imagination - and immediately you will feel the effect. The tree's aliveness, the greenery, the freshness, the breeze passing through it, will be felt within you in your heart."

Step 1: Start with Yourself.

Just sit for a few minutes with your eyes closed and observe what is happening inside. You may notice your breathing, your thoughts and your emotions. Whatever you find include it in your awareness, accept it.

Step 2: Include the Outside

After some time open your eyes, stay with this awareness and start observing your outside situation. And again include, welcome, say yes to your body its position, the place where you are, sounds, smells and sensations around you.

Step 3: Include Your Work

Now include your work activity in your awareness: your body movements and the objects in front of you. For example, if you are writing you will include the pen, the paper, your body posture, the chair you are sitting on and the table. It is as if you draw a circle of awareness around you. Slowly let it expand.

Step 4: Include Your Co-Workers

When you are settled in this meditation you can include other people working next to you. If you are working in a group, slowly expand your awareness until the whole group is one consciousness. If a group of people do this meditation together you will feel individual personalities melting and become one organism. 

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