Penetrating the Heart


Penetrating the Heart

When: Do this on an empty stomach, or at least three hours after eating.

It can be done three or more times a day; don't do it more than seven times at a sitting.

Step 1:

"Exhale as deeply as you can, making sure all the air is out completely."

Step 2:

"Pull in your stomach muscles as tightly as you can, to further rid the body of air."

Step 3:

"Now keep the breath out for as long as you can- two or three minutes, the longer the better. It may be difficult at first but by and by you will be able to do if'

Step 4:

"At a certain point you will be completely starved for air, and then it will come rushing in. You will feel great joy in its rush, great vitality, and that rushing will open your heart. It is one of the most significant devices to open the heart." 

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