Pummel a Pillow


Pummel a Pillow

When: Every Morning.

Duration: 20 minutes for two weeks.

Close the room, be alone, and allow anger to surface. Beat a pillow - bite it and throw it. If you are against someone in particular, write their name or put their picture on the pillow.

You may feel foolish, but anger is foolish; you cannot do anything about it. So let it be and enjoy it as an energy phenomenon. If you are not hurting anybody, there is nothing wrong in it.

"If you do this as a meditation by and by you will see that the idea of hurting someone disappears. You will also be calmer because the energy that becomes anger was thrown out; the energy that becomes poison is thrown out of the system. "After you do this for the prescribed time you will find that whatever the situation, you are not 

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