THERE are many people who claim to be practical and so do not believe in meditation. Of course, I do not expect such people to read this book and learn the right ways to meditate. But, I also know that those who' are inclined to follow meditation will need to interact with such people at some or other point in their life. It is for these people that I am writing all this.

We need to know that as I have stated at a number of places in this book, the real meditation involves into total confrontation with one's own self. This is the most difficult thing for many people because we do not like to face our own real self. There are many things about it that we do not like. The moment we face this part or our being, we can see how loaded we are and then we automatically start resisting this part of our being. In short, for facing our self we need a lot of courage and not many have this courage. This is the plain and clear reason why many do not like to go to the right way to meditate.

Even when we study the persons who meditate we will find that majority not for knowing their real self or achieving spiritual growth, but for running away from their self and their problems in life.

I must also say one thing very clearly here, that, as of today, the meditation methods are hardly given scientific base. This is the reason why there is a lot of confusion about the nature of meditation and, so, not all understand it rightly.

As a result, some resist it thinking that it is escapism while others keep away from it on knowing that it makes you face yourself.

Those who interpret and express meditation as escapism attract the persons who are looking for some way to run away from themselves. Such people set an example to the logical people to show that meditation is escapism.

Then the logical persons, who do not wish to be put in the category of such escapists, do not even think of getting to know what is meditation and what are its actual benefits. Such people are put off from doing meditation just because of the escapists who create a wrong image of meditation.

This means escapists resist meditation after knowing its real nature because real meditation does not allow any escapism, whereas the logical people, who like to face everything that comes across them straight, resist meditation till they are having an impression that meditation is for escapists. Once they get to know the real nature way" they not only accept it, but also follow it well with lot of interest and get maximum benefit out of it. It is seen that only such persons go a long way in spirituality. 

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