CHANTING is saying something again and again. It is called Japa in Sanskrit. Generally people use some Mantras i.e. some sacred words for chanting as they meditate.

Different people use different mantras as they meditate. It is said that the vibrations of these Mantras help the meditation happen well. I do not deny this fact. But the basic use of chanting is to keep the monkey called mind busy so that it does not keep wandering as we are busy in trying to get in touch with ourselves or with God or anything we are meditating on.

Generally when we are still, our mind keeps wandering, we learn that for meditation there has to be silence within. To achieve this silence, we struggle to catch hold of the mind and stop it from wandering. But this force is just like the force used to make a jumping and extractive infant keep quiet. The moment we shout on the child, he may reduce his jumping around, but will definitely start screaming and crying loudly. This screaming is worse than its jumping because it gets violent.

Then the wise people give some toy or toffee to the infant so that he forgets jumping or screaming and gets busy with the toy or the toffee.

The chanting does the work of a toy as far as the infant monkey called mind is concerned. The mind that starts jumping as soon as it gets a chance forgets jumping on getting the toy of chanting. It gets busy with chanting.

The chanting is mainly of three kinds: first is loud chanting, second is soft chanting where you are saying the mantra but not so loudly that all can hear it while the third is mental chanting where you do not use your tongue at all.

Yoga treats the third type of chanting as the best. It is believed some sound vibrations and these vibrations produce some results in our system.

This is a fact. I have seen the results the mantras produce. I know a mantra that is used for protection and for healing the inner disturbance. This mantra is "Hoom Phat Swaha". When this mantra is recited 501 times, we can find an electric white protection shield created around a person who is chanting it as well as around a person for whom it is being chanted. This shield can be seen by the persons who are clairvoyant and can see the aura. Others can even, sense this shield by touching it. In fact, if you try to' approach the shield with a negative intention for the protected person, you may even feel a shock of repulsion!

So, this is the power of Mantra chanting. The chanting as we have already seen is known as Jepe. When due to constant Chanting, the Japa becomes an automatically reflex action as breathing, it is known as Ajapajapa. That is chanting without chanting.

This too is treated as a very important element of meditation. When the chanting starts happening, even the meditation can start happening subsequently. 

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