GURU is teacher. He has already reached the place where you aspire to reach. But he is not selfish to enjoy that position alone. He is ready to help others to grow to that position. He not only teaches a disciple to meditate, but also helps him know where he has reached in his journey, by interpreting the different kinds of experience he gets.

The seeker of the path of meditation needs a right kind of guidance, but unless the Guru himself has been in meditation in the right way he cannot help the seeker develop in the right way in meditation.

In the present time, when everything is commercialized, there is no wonder if even the Gurus get commercialized! We certainly find many Gurus to teach meditation online, who ask you to send a few dollars for the training sessions or CDs of meditation.

It is perfectly all right to have such online Gurus provided they know their work well. This means, a seeker must have some acid to find out whether the Guru met online is right or not.

Even when you meet a Guru in person, whether in city or mountain, you have to test the person with the acid test before taking him as a Guru and offering all your spiritual future in his hands.

First test of a right Guru is that he is thoroughly practical. The second test is that he does not get stuck into the theories and jargons of words and ideas. The third test is that he does not mind facing and accepting and handling all his faults, shortcomings and criticisms. The fourth is that he is perfect in knowledge and is ready to answer all possible questions. The fifth and the last test is that a right Guru is never stuck with any method of seeking spirituality or being in meditation. He is well aware of the method less method of being in real meditation.

If your Guru passes all these tests, know that he is the right one. He might or might not appear as a spiritual person; he might or might not appear to be professional. Yet he will be the one who will have the power to guide you. 

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