PLACE is the actual place or premises where you meditate. We all know that every place carries some vibrations. These are positive, negative or neutral. Of these, the positive vibrations are best for meditation and the neutral ones are all right. But the negative vibrations cause upsets and prevent the happening of meditation.

Also, the meditation state being the state of deep relaxation, one is very susceptible to any intrusion. So, if one enters this state in the presence of negative energies, one is likely to face a psychic attack as one is in meditation.

I am not trying to scare or put off those who want to meditate. I am just stating a fact. At the same time I would be showing the way to handle such situation and its effects.

First of all, when you think of sitting for meditation, you need to check the place. This can be done by simply seeing your inner voice and finding out whether you are internally happy or unhappy by being in that place. If you feel good and happy within, then know that it is the right place for meditation. You can safely meditate there. Then start with meditation.

If you do not feel internally happy and peaceful check what you feel. If this feeling is neutral, then too it is all right to meditate there. But if you are feeling restless and upset from within, then know that that place is not the right place for meditation. Then never ever start meditating just for the sake of it. The meditation will not happen in that place.

The vibrations of the place are responsible for the kind of thoughts you get as you relax. If the vibrations are good and positive, you will get positive and constructive thoughts. If the vibrations are bad and negative, you will get negative and destructive thoughts.

When the thoughts gain power, the events we have thought of materialize. This means, if we think of constrictive things as we meditate, they come true in future. Similarly, if we think of destructive things as we meditate the things we think of end up in damaging us to great extent. This happens both in case of auto-generated as well as consciously generated thoughts. So, as long as we are not strong enough and as long as the place has the power to generate thoughts in us, we need to be careful of the place when we meditate. 

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